Model: SR1400

Ref No: 716B1


1996 Servo Twin Lane 1400mm wide Side Weld Bag Machine.
Cw 2 x Unwind folding frames with push button positioning and 76mm bars and cones.
Each unwind fitted with Fife web guider with edge sensor.
2 x Rear nip rollers and dancer roll units.
2 x Bailiff photocells for print registration.
Split rollers throughout machine.
Simco static eliminator bars throughout machine (fitted new 2013).
Twin lane servo drive system.
Cam system for sealing head.
FMC control cabinet & digital monitor.
Main draw rollers with stripper fingers.
Interlocked guarding over sealing head area.
Side weld sealing head with OPP tip.
Conveyor belt delivery unit.
Indexing delivery table.
Electrical drawings.

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